2 mei 2017

Contemporary Circus Night - Revue Regret

Op 25 maart 2017 traden John Giskes en Natasja de Lange op als onderdeel van de Contemporary Circus Night: Revue Regret bij WORM UBIK in Rotterdam.

On 25 March 2017 John Giskes and Natasja de Lange had a performance as part of the Contemporary Circus Night: Revue Regret at WORM UBIK in Rotterdam.

Zoals verwoord door / as presented by WORM UBIK:

'Contemporary Circus, freak accidents of nature and bad decisions Circus, but not like you know it! Revue Regret wants to establish a platform in Rotterdam where freak accidents of nature can use neutral grounds without the red theatre curtains, glitter and sawdust.

Stirring up abnormal physical abilities together with theater, performance and visual art we create a whole new genre of contemporary performance, that draws from circus and dance as its very visual and emotional medium, using theatre to get beyond the trick and attacking all imaginable receptors with a live performance that will leave an art-overloaded and overstimulated audience behind.'